“Memories are made of this……”




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All the sights I saw, and all the adventures I had were not disappointing.  This past Thursday night ended what I had helped to work for since the eighth grade.  It was hard for me to believe that it was I coming home from the senior trip.  It seemsed as though I should have been on the outside of the bus waiting to welcome the seniors back home.  But I was on the inside this time.
What shall I remember about it?  I don’t know exactly.  Some of the smaller incidents perhaps, and some of the historical relics that I have studied about throught these past few years.  Maybe something about the tours, or maybe the gaeities that were had in the hotel room afterwards.  What ever it is, it shall be a contribution to my growing up.  This trip had been a contribution ot my growing up.  I’m grateful for having had the opportunity.
Maryleen H. Webb

Senior Class President 1957-1958
************************************************************************************                                       Class of 1958 SENIOR TRIP

Sr Class on the Capital StepsOn the steps of the Capital of the United States of America – Washington, D. C.

1950 Mermaids0001-2
Luray Cavens Va.

Sonny and B.J. Off to D.C.
Bobbie & Sonny
Mother's waiting to see the bus off on Sr. Trip

                                       Mrs. Mansfield, Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Purdin

Opal Cochrane, Sonny Coburn, Elissa Crum and Eva Ann Hood
Evann, Opal, Sonny and Elissa Our first Nightclub experience At the Casino Royal in Washington to see Connie Frances
Seated: Jerry, Elissa, Opal, Evann, Doug and Bill Standing: Sonny, Martha Ann, Marcia and Cecil Miller (class of 55)

Casino Royal Photo-Class of 58
Evelyn, Annie Jo, Colleen, Linda Mae, Maryleen and Trisha
Casino Royale - D.C.
Herbert, Bobbie Jean, Tommy, Janey, Kent and Linda Lee

************************************************************************************       FUN IN THE SUNSr. Skip Day - 1958A_edited-1 Left to right: Evelyn, Linda Mae, Bobbie, Mona, Marsha, Evann, Elissa, Linda Lee Colleen, Annie Jo and PatMarcia Brinkey, Linda Lee Jones, Bobbie Jean Nowlin, Janie Stephens & Elissa Crum
Marcia, Linda Lee, Bobbie Jean, Janie and Elissamore skip day..Opal Cochrane,Maryleen Webb & Eva Ann Hood
 Opal, Evann and Maryleen (ladies in the back unkown as well as the gal resting)Sr. Girls at the Sandbanks
at the Sandbanks – Linda Lee, Martha Ann, Janie, Elissa and Eva Mondon (class of 59)**********************************************************************************
“Who Dunit”
Sr. Play Cast
  Sonny Coburn, Bobbie Jean Nowllin & Colleen Lanier
Sonny, Bobbie Jean and Colleen
Jack Gant & Elissa Crum
red Wendorf & Elissa CrumElissa Crum & Donald DeCoster
lissa Crum  and Donald DeCosterAlvin Adams & Elissa Crum
Alvin Adams and Elissa Crum************************************************************************************
              High School Sweethearts who later married….006_6031_31
 Martha Ann McKethan & Jim Kimbrough (class of 57)
Marilyn Reed & Kenneth Allen (class of 57)

 One Hundred Year Celebration of Hernando High School: *Girls listed by maiden names
Kneeling l-r: Herb Flook, Fidelia Purdin, Anita Gideons, Wilma Jean Dukes, Colleen Lanier, Linda Mae, Jack Gant
Seated 2nd row: Jane Lee Snow, Wanda Patterson, Mary Patterson, Virginia McKenzie, Annabelle Singer, Teresa Puckett
Standing 3rd row: Freddie Law, Martha Steen, Harry Lambert, Janice Mazourek, Gail Bennett, Reville Slayden, Sharon Tullis, Mary Sue Werincke,Bobbie Jean Nowlin, Evann Hood, Geneva DunnBack row: Elissa Crum, Bunny Mullins, Freddie Griffin and Bill Hope
Gits of Love to two wonderful sponsors, Martha Pekovsky & Nancy Luther
Gene Cook giving presentation to Mrs. Pekovsky and Miss Luther
Freddie Griffin, Elissa Crum, Maryleen Webb, Jerry Psenka, Opal Cochrane, Herbert Taylor & Pat Clark
Freddie, Elissa, Maryleen, Jerry, Opal, Herbert and Pat C.
Quintin Batten, Martha Ann McKethan, Robert Avant, Bunny Mullen & Eva Ann Hood
In the back..Tommy, Quintin, Doug
Front row..Martha Ann, Robert A., Bunny and Evann
Class of 58 looks to the future.
Jerry, Evelyn, Colleen, Marcia, Patrick, ??? Doug ****************************************************************************
Doug and Elissa 
Quintin, Colleen, Herbert, Marcia, Mathew
behind Mathew is Donald DeCoster
Elissa making her walk….waiting their turn is Sonny, Linda Lee, behind is Martha Ann,
Annie Jo and Donald
Dana Dick, Evelyn Dobson & Evann Hood….a few years later looking back…

Mrs Law’s 4th Grade trip to Chinesgut Hill
  This one is a good conversation picture..some names known and some not!

Memories of 1st Grade
Seated: Freddie Griffin, ???, ???
In the middle: Pat Clark and Pat Kirby
Back row: Marcia Brinkley, ???, Annie Jo Henry, ???, Opal Cochrane, ???, ???, ???, and Sonny Coburn